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Education and the arts sounds great, but what does it mean here? Since my life has been spent in education and the arts (along with related other cultural things) I do not hesitate to use this term in order to attract your curious attention. I was advised by a friend to make it clear that this site is run by an honest person. I have a background which explains why I am selling stuff to raise funds.

Here are some real examples of what I aim to do immediately with the money.

  1. I am English, resident in Norway since 2011, a writer, a composer, and a producer of music, video, performance, and events. My career was paused whilst I was caring for my elderly mother for two and half years. I used an app to keep working on my Norwegian while I was doing the work of caring, which was helpful in preventing me getting really rusty, but talking to app on a phone went as far as it could go. I now need language practise with real people, some group lessons, and one-to-one conversation, to move up to a broadly competent level. So, I need to fund this.
  2. I aim to realise a long-term ambition, namely, to brush up on my music theory and (re-)learn to read and write musical notation fluently. By studying music again (I once achieved grade 5), I will with practise be able to  commit my ideas to the page, as well as to pick up sheet music and play it fluently. This return to pen and paper means that I won’t always need electricity to set down what I am imagining musically. To get started, I bought an online course at Udemy, and I also need to find a music teacher, and to resume piano lessons. As a fairly fluent composer and good all-round musician, this feels long overdue, and it will have a lot of good knock-on effects, for example, the ability to walk into a greater variety of instrumental music situations, and just start playing.
  3. I have a creative business idea which I intend to develop with a friend. While it takes root and grows, I need sufficient income to support myself. There are two fields, teaching, and healing, in which I intend to train, and which should deliver me enough income as I go forward into my future livelihood. This is going to cost me somewhere between £1,800 and £2,500. So, this is what your pounds, dollars and euros are funding.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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